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About Evergreen Mountain Contracting

After many years in the industrial and commercial contracting business, Evergreen Mountain Contracting expanded its operations to serve the public sector in addition to its private sector clients. Evergreen Mountain Contracting’s key personnel have been in the construction business for over a half of century.

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Evergreen Mountain Contracting’s operations can accommodate all client needs from large to small.

While our specialty business is heavy excavation, site work, stream restoration, sewer treatment plants, water treatment plants, sewer and water mains, demolition, paving, site clearing and various other construction oriented tasks. The diversity of our employees’ experience in the field, the young talent that we train in our processes and the consistently high quality of our work help ensure the success of your project.


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Evergreen Mountain Contracting is a regional full-service general contractor headquartered in Westkill, NY, our core business lines include Heavy Excavation and Site Work Development environmental, water and wastewater, and commercial development. We have extensive experience with start-to-finish construction on projects from small to large, straightforward to complex.

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