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Evergreen Mountain Contracting, Inc. has performed excavation and site preparation services for private and public clients on projects of varying size and complexity.

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Excavation & Site Preparation

*Mass excavation
*Soil stabilization
*On-site management of regulated waste
*Disposal of hazardous materials
*Building pad preparation
*Installation of temporary sheet piles
*Foundation excavation and backfill
*Construction of retaining walls
*Site grading
*Underground utilities (drainage, electric, gas, sewer and water)
*Site lighting
*Curbs and walks
*Asphalt paving

Stream Restoration

*Stream Bed Realignment
*Complete Stream Bypass pumping (up to 60 cfs)
*Excavation and grading as per dep and dec guidelines
*Install and build rock veins, cross veins and j hooks with 8 – 15 ton rocks
*Stabilized Embankment with rock
*Stone and Rock Revetment
*Bio Engineering Practices

Sewer and Water Treatment Plants

Complete start to finish WWTP system including Microfiltration systems, UV systems, Sand Filter systems, and all other associated work needed for complete WWTP.

Septic System Beds

We have our own approved sand bank and gravel bank quarry

*Raised bed system
*Dosing and Septic tanks Installation
*D-box and Distribution system
*Prissy system

Structural Concrete

Evergreen Mountain Contracting, Inc. has the experience and expertise to perform a wide range of structural concrete services. Some of the concrete services that we provide include:

*Cast-in place and pre-cast sign foundations
*Cast-in place and pre-cast light pole foundations
*Cast-in place and pre-cast drainage structures
*Building foundations
*Building floor slabs
*Retaining Walls
*Underpinning of building foundations
*Reinforced Concrete equipment pads
*Column, wing wall and abutment repair
*Vertical wall repair

Sanitary Sewer Construction

Evergreen Mountain Contracting, Inc. has the capabilities to provide sanitary sewer services for site development projects, housing development projects and/or sewer relocation projects. Some of the services we provide include:

*Septic fields
*Gravity sewer lines
*Sewer injector pumps and pump stations

Waterline Construction

Evergreen Mountain Contracting, Inc. has the expertise to perform waterline construction projects for both new installations and relocations. Some of the services we provide include:

*Fire protection
*Domestic water services
*Temporary services
*Pump stations

Roadway Construction

Evergreen Mountain Contracting, Inc. performs roadway and highway construction services for the following client types:

*Private developers
*Construction managers

Electrical & Communications Systems

Evergreen Mountain Contracting, Inc. has reputable Electrical and Communication Sub-contractors that can perform any needs for any size projects.


Evergreen Mountain Contracting, Inc. has the experience and skilled tradesman to perform the most challenging of hardscape projects.

These projects have included universities, waterfront walkways and entertainment facilities. These projects incorporated various hardscape materials including concrete, colored concrete, stamped concrete, blue stone, granite, limestone and fieldstone. Some of the hardscape services that we provide include:

*Concrete and masonry retaining walls
*Concrete and masonry stairs and sidewalks
*Concrete and masonry tree wells
*Landscape irrigation
*Landscape lighting
*Ornamental fence
*Trash receptacles, bike racks and benches


Willow stakes, Fascines, Willow Branch Layoring

Seed + Mulching

Special Seeding for natural stream banks restoration

Storm Drainage

Evergreen Mountain Contracting, Inc. has the knowledge and resources to construct any drainage project regardless of the size or complexity. Our experience includes installation of newly adopted storm water management fixtures imposed by the Department of Environmental Protection. Some of the storm water management services we provide include:

*Construction of bio-detention basins
*Construction of underground water detention systems
*Installation of water quality chambers
*Construction of culverts
*Construction of cast-in place or precast trench drain systems
*Installation of inlets and manholes
*Installation of reinforced concrete culvert piping
*Installation of perforated under drain systems
*Cleaning of storm water structures and pipes

Site Clearing

*Large land clearing
*Stump removal and disposal
*Tree chipping


*Building Demolition
*Concrete Removal and Disposal
*Asbestos Abatement (by certified and licensed sub-conctators )

Sand bank and Gravel bank Quarry

DOT approved Bank run gravel and sand

Asphalt Paving

Evergreen Mountain Contracting’s can provide asphalt paving services to general contractors, construction managers and private clients. Today, Evergreen Mountain Contracting continues to provide its services to those clients, as well as providing subcontracting services to other heavy and highway contractors industry wide.
Evergreen Mountain Contracting takes great pride in its asphalt paving operation and provides these services with the utmost of detail to ensure that we deliver the smoothest, most durable paving surface amongst our competition. This level of detail has provided Evergreen Mountain Contracting with numerous awards and accolades throughout our industry.


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